Funding applications

Once you’ve found your source of funding, you’ll need to fill out a funding application. Successful applications give funders all the information they need to make their decision – check out the tips below to make sure you give them what they want:
Be a real advocate for play – if you’re not excited about the cause, the funder won’t be either.

Build infrastructure – apply for funds for posts. Think about activities that you want to do but don’t have time to do – that list could become a job description.

Develop a funding strategy – write down a wish list and ideas (new, more, better etc). Prioritise: think about who could fund each element, when you need to apply, and when the funds would be released.

Don’t assume knowledge – it may be obvious to you, but the funder may know little about play.

Focus on solutions – funders are interested in solutions to problems and the positive benefits a project will bring. Tell them what will happen if children and young people miss out on play.

Get facts and figures – demonstrate whether or not your Playday is accessible. How many children, young people and families do you expect to attend, and how many of those fit in with the funder’s target demographic?

Highlight a gap in the market – tell funders what makes you or your application unique.

If at first you don’t succeed… don’t be put off if you’re not successful the first time.