Ten things to think about

Ten things to think about

The main thing to think about is that the Playday campaign promotes free play opportunities for all; therefore events should be free so that all children and young people can attend. Here are some ideas to help you find funding a great fun event, without charging on the door.

1. Plan your projected budget and resource needs before you start to fundraise.

2. Some high street chain stores have policies of supporting local community projects or supporting projects in which staff members are involved. Check out the help and advice section on the Fit4Funding website for a list of funding policies of high street shops.

3. Contact your local volunteer centre to see if there are people available who can help you with your event, either setting up beforehand or coming along and helping on the day.

4. If you are approaching local businesses and individual funders, think about what benefits their contribution will make not only to the local community but also to themselves, and don’t be afraid to highlight those benefits.

5. Consider sourcing a sponsor for your event. Sponsors are often keen to be associated with positive community events, especially those benefiting children and young people. A key bargaining tool is to allow the company’s logo to appear in marketing and banners.

6. Get partners involved early. Developing contacts with partnership organisations will give you access to more resources and further contacts. Partners can also help with planning, gifts in kind, activities and volunteers. Check out the Get organised! guide for ideas of who to approach.

7. Get everyone involved! Many companies will match fund staff fundraising, so ask everyone you know to fundraise and ask if their employers will contribute.

8. Ask local companies or service providers for freebies that children and young people at your event can play with. Your local recycling scheme may give you cardboard boxes, builders’ merchants can provide sand for an urban beach, and straw bales from a local farmer are an instant crowd pleaser! You could even ask if they’ll collect them back after your event.

9. And finally…don’t be afraid to ask. As the old saying goes, if you don’t ask, you don’t get!